Celebrating Independence Day China

The TBC boys try their hand at grilling.

This evening we joined forces with parents and students from the Amerilish school in Beijing to celebrate the forth of July on some farm land far outside of the city.  After a long bus ride down some ridiculously narrow streets, we arrived at a resort with several fun things for the boys to do.  They set up several narrow bar-b-cue pits and provided us with plates of prepared meats and vegetables on wooden skewers.  There were no verbal instructions, but the kids didn’t seem to hesitate to take the reins and begin grilling the meat.  I was pretty worried that someone might be injured or the meat wouldn’t be cooked well, but the boys were careful and Mr. Chen, our bus driver, was very helpful in showing the kids how to get it just right.  As it began to get dark they brought out a large metal barrel full of scrap wood and dumped several shovels full of glowing coals on top of it.  The barrel quickly burst into flames as Chinese pop music was screaming from two speakers.  The Chinese people led us in a couple dances and then our host played the always appropriate – Chicken Dance followed by the Macarena.  The TBC boys followed suit dancing, laughing and singing in conga lines around the bonfire.

Mr. Earl told them a campfire story from his scouting days and the boys sang a traditional Chinese song for a very appreciative crowd.  As the bonfire began to wind down a bit we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores for everyone.

The hosts then passed out a ton of sparklers and began shooting off tons of fireworks which lit up the night as the boys ran around the race track usually used for racing ATV’s.

It was an unforgettable way to celebrate American independence.

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