Back to school, El fortin, and Francisco Delgado Soto

Today we El Fortin from inside the municipal complexIMG_4740returned to the classroom aft an incredible trip to Manuel Antonio.  Results from our test were not as terrible as we thought.  Both Mary and I made B’s and our professor offered to retest us on Friday which would give both of us a chance to make up for our errors and omissions.  After school we caught a cab to central park The view from the towerso we could meet our friends’ host mother. We were a bit early so I suggested we go get a pass to climb up the inside of El Fortin.  The director of Sol Education told us during our tour of the city that we could obtain a free pass to do so by visiting the municipal offices.  It was very easy to obtain the pass and we started to walk to the tower.  A guard took our pass and escorted us to the tower where we assented the spiral staircase to the upper levels of the tower.  The inside of the tower wasn’t much to look at, but the view of the central park was well worth the climb.  

After we descended we met our friend’s host mom and crossed central park to catch a bus.  IMG_4739As we walked we observed an older man playing a very collorful game in the center of the park.  He caught me looking and invited me to play a game he said he invented called Mache.  I was a little vague on the scoring, but it involved using a colorful stick to scoop a tennis ball towards some very colorful towers which contained little knobs made from water bottle tops.  The whole thing was very charming and somehow I did very well and one a short game.  The old man’s name was Francisco Delgado Soto.  He was once a football (soccer) star in the area and now he spends his afternoons entertaining people with this game in the park here in heredia as well as San Jose.  There’s an article about him online hereThese were part of a game being played in the central park shared with us by its inventorI won?!IMG_4779Inventor of the game "Hecho"?

After our game with Senor Delgado Soto, we caught a bus with our friend’s host mother to a little town called Barva.

She had told us that this was a little town which was more historic and art centered than Heredia.  There was a church and a nice park bustling with activity.  A boy on a skateboard and another juggling some 8 balls at a time.  The town is known for its mask making and there were masks all around to back that statement up.  We wandered into the municipal area and a man from the government meeting came out and told us all about the city.  He was excusably friendly and welcoming.  We were as gracious as possible, but we’re exhausted and ready to go home.
Beans and rice for dinner again and were off to sleep.

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