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Nov 17

Cold Travels

Well all that snow seemed great last night, but the morning we woke to was just cold and no sign of white.

Nov 16

Tawanda: the gateway to LaQeesha

Well after some sleep we gatherd again to rehearse and perform the show we hadn’t touched for 2 weeks.  I actually think the time away benefited us.  We came back with a fresh perspective on the show and played to an incredibly receptive audience in Tawanda, Pennsilvainia. After the show we gathered in an old train depot …

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Nov 14

On the Road Again

We pulled in to our motel at 5:30 am – 2 days after we left. Needless to say we were a little tired.

Oct 28

My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)

we walked within blocks of the ticker-tape parade. Close enough to see it, but not IN it. Its pretty much like the old World War II films. An endless rain of confetti from high in the sky.

Oct 03

And on drums… Derwood Lesh

Today turns out to be Der’s birthday.  Der is short for Derwood Lesh.  He’s the drummer in our band and long time friend to Matt (producer, director, bus driver…)To celebrate Der’s birthday we went to Patrick’s Restaurant & Lounge for dinner.  There was a poker tournament in progress and several of the guys bought in and played.  It wasn’t …

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Oct 01

The Meeting and Dark Travel

Day 2 was now over and sleep and food had been in short supply.  One thing that hadn’t been in short supply was whining, griping and complaining about communication and food and on and on.  Of course everyone has their own set of beefs with how things are being handled.  Most of the concerns are completely substantiated and …

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Sep 30

Sold Out in Florida

Well, we got to bed at 4am and housekeeping rolled through the door at about 9:30, but it felt more like 5 am.  Turns out one of our girls ended up with mouse droppings between her sheets when she tried to lay down.  Several of the crew had no air-conditioning and slept in 80-90 degree …

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Sep 29

First Day Out – 19 hour Bus Ride

So farewells are flowing pretty freely as I had kissed both members of my family goodbye and just closed the door for the last time to my home of 5 years. However, no time for that – I’m late!

Sep 26

Preparing to leave home

I am about to embark on a nine-week national tour by bus and it was suggested to me that there might be a few people curious about what life is life on “the road.”

Aug 30

Show Dates – 2005 Fall Tour

Date Venue City State August 24-25 The Palace Theatre SOLD OUT! Grapevine TX September 1 The Palace in Corsicana SOLD OUT! Corsicana TX September 22 Univ. of Science and Arts of Oklahoma SOLD OUT! Chickasha OK October 1 The Arts Center at Okaloosa-Walton College SOLD OUT! Niceville FL October 6 Paramount Theatre SOLD OUT! Bristol TN October 13 …

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