Introduction to Historical Geology – Rocks for Jocks – The Big Bend Adventure Journal

Introduction – Historical Geology – Big Bend Area Trip

January 3rd, 2011
I’m on my way to the Big Bend National Park area for five days of intense hiking, sightseeing and geological observation.   I discovered this fall that my four credits of Biology won’t transfer anywhere, because I got a D in the course when I took it 16 years ago! So I was on the hunt for one more science credit and I found one… Historical Geology – or as my transfer counselor at Weatherford College called it, “Rocks for Jocks”

It turns out Weatherford College has a two week mini-mester course in Historical Geology that spends one week in the classroom and one week camping and hiking through one of Texas’ geological treasure troves – Southwest Texas.

Given the choice between four months of classroom work and a trip to Big Bend – I took the trip!

Last week nineteen fellow classmates and I completed 32 hours of Historical geology instruction from our professor – Mr. Tim Poston.

This journal is the last 25% of my grade and therefor may get a twinge academic at times, but I hope will also provide a memorable record of the goings on in this first week of January 2011.

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