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Sep 17

Spontaneous Public Transportation Utilization

September 17th, 2011 It was supposed to be a lazy Saturday filled with no adventure. Perhaps I wouldn’t even leave the house. In a rare move, my three kids had ignored the call of the sun and had slept all the way until 9. In my experience the end of a Saturday often has nothing …

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Aug 01

Welcome Home

It’s been a very busy summer and my son Max had just arrived back in town from camp with his cousins. My mom brought him to church in the middle of the service and he came down front to where I was at the piano. He gave me a big hug and I invited him …

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Feb 05

Out of Time – Archive Recordings

In March of 2002 I recorded an EP with my wife and some great friends of mine under the band name “Out of Time”.  I found a CD of it floating around and decided I should plop the mp3’s out there on the net so people could hear what an amazing singer my wife is. …

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Jan 31

Daughter Rose Sings

Sunday afternoons are perfect for naps, but today my daughter and I sat down at the piano to sing music from her favorite movie – Tangled.  She let me record her and I am super proud.  I’m hoping we can make a legit recording sometime after we’ve worked on it for a while, but its …

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Jan 19

Sitting on a Cloud

I was tinkering around tonight on the keyboard and whipped out this haunting ditty. Not sure what to do with it… Max says it should be called – Sitting on a Cloud

Jan 13

Frozen Lake

  “Bulletin – calling all adventures! The search for the frozen lake will commence immediately. Please return to base.” My text to son Max retrieved him from a friends house immediately.  It has been freezing at night here for about a week and not much warmer in the day time, so I thought maybe just …

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Jan 09

Big Bend Inspired Piano Improv

The Sunday after my trip to Big Bend – I was playing in church (as I do every Sunday) and I had to improvise something to cover the time for communion.  This is a recording of that improvisation. I’m not saying the whole 6 minutes is riveting – it’s not, but there are parts of it I actually …

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Jan 07

The Petroleum Museum

January 7 journal 12:10 -The Petroleum Museum, – Midland, tx Looked at 6 different oil and gas ‘traps’.  The traps are classified according to the geological processes which form them. Anticline, fault, lens, pinch-out, reef, and truncation traps The first time geology was used to help locate oil sites was looking for lifting of the crust …

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Jan 06

The People

The diversity of personalities on this trip is ridiculously AMAZING. I won’t name names so I don’t violate confidences, but here is a sampling of the characters I’ve come to know over the past week. One guy who left a six-figure job and a family business to become a law enforcement professional. A mother of …

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Jan 05

Banditos, flash flooding and the Closed Canyon

The next stop on our itenerary was the Barton Warnock nature center.  However, we discovered it was closed. (As Gomer Pile would say, Surprise, surprise, surprise) We proceeded to try Ken Burns again – nope. – out sick! So we drove to what turned out to be one of my favorite hikes so far – …

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