My New Favorite Piece

Austin Snow backstage

Please check out this recording from yesterday’s performance at Texas Wesleyan. I discovered this piece by Manuel de Falla entitled “Nana” from his Siete Canciones Populares Españolas and fell in love with it immediately. It is played here by the multi talented Austin Snow on Oboe and myself on Piano.

Welcome Home

It’s been a very busy summer and my son Max had just arrived back in town from camp with his cousins. My mom brought him to church in the middle of the service and he came down front to where I was at the piano. He gave me a big hug and I invited him to play a duet with me at the piano for the offertory music. I gave him an ostinato fifth to play on the upper half of the keyboard whilst I improvised underneath. The resulting audio below captures the feelings I had seeing my boy after several days of missing him.

Welcome home, Son.

Max on our annual end of school camping trip.

I See the Light

Sunshine Lake (Cartwright Park, Weatherford)

A student of mine is working on this duet and needed a reference recording of the separate harmony parts – so Mary and I thought it would be fun to record it for them. My daughter Rose approves (it’s from one of her favorite movies).

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Out of Time – Archive Recordings

Mary's Headshot for West Side Story 1999

In March of 2002 I recorded an EP with my wife and some great friends of mine under the band name “Out of Time”.  I found a CD of it floating around and decided I should plop the mp3’s out there on the net so people could hear what an amazing singer my wife is.  And this was almost ten years ago!

Wes Griffin

The bass player is the amazing Randy Hayes and percussion is Wes Griffin.  I’ve spent the afternoon reminiscing about how fun this recording was and what a shame I don’t get to play with these guys anymore.  Randy, if you’re out there – I’ve totally lost your number!  and Wes – I’m not sure what our excuse is.


Daughter Rose Sings

Rose at the church Christmas Pageant

Sunday afternoons are perfect for naps, but today my daughter and I sat down at the piano to sing music from her favorite movie – Tangled.  She let me record her and I am super proud.  I’m hoping we can make a legit recording sometime after we’ve worked on it for a while, but its so sweet hearing her little 4 year old voice singing – I can’t help but share with my family.


Big Bend Inspired Piano Improv

The Lost Mine Trail - Big Bend National Park

The Sunday after my trip to Big Bend – I was playing in church (as I do every Sunday) and I had to improvise something to cover the time for communion.  This is a recording of that improvisation.

I’m not saying the whole 6 minutes is riveting – it’s not, but there are parts of it I actually like a lot.  It is always amazing to me how much more free my creativity is when I return from a trip.

[mp3-jplayer play=”true” dload=”true” pos=”rel-L”]

TCU Vocal Jazz Ensemble: A sneak listen to their upcoming concert

The Texas Christian University Vocal Jazz Ensemble will perform a free recital, Sunday, April 11 at 7;30PM in TCU’s PepsiCo Recital Hall

The TCU Vocal Jazz Ensemble Rehearses

I recently made a recording of the group in rehearsal and it’s really fun to listen to.  The first one is absolutely, hands down my favorite song ever.  If you like vocal jazz – consider coming to the concert – April 11th.  I’ll be at the piano.

Here’s the audio:

And So It Goes[audio:|titles=And So It Goes]

She Goes Shopping for Gucci[audio:|titles=She Goes Shopping for Gucci]

Slap That Bass[audio:|titles=Slap That Bass]

Allison Whetsel Ward - Directs

I have been incrediblly and unabashedly envious of Allison Whetsel Ward’s Vocal Jazz Singers.  What a talented bunch of singers.  It has been a real highlight and honor to work with them this year.