UNT Show Promo

The University of North Texas Department of Theatre and Dance profiled me in a YouTube video this week which shows video from the band rehearsal featuring Kurt Shafer on Reeds, Sam Walker on Guitar, Peggy Honea on bass and the infamous Wes Griffin on drums.

My New Favorite Piece

Austin Snow backstage

Please check out this recording from yesterday’s performance at Texas Wesleyan. I discovered this piece by Manuel de Falla entitled “Nana” from his Siete Canciones Populares Españolas and fell in love with it immediately. It is played here by the multi talented Austin Snow on Oboe and myself on Piano.

West Side Story on Good Morning Texas 1998

I was looking for my DVD of Oh Brother Where Art Thou and instead found an old VHS tape labeled Good Morning Texas 1998.  On the tape was this television appearance by the cast of Granbury Opera House’s West Side Story.

This show remains my absolute favorite musical production ever for SO many reasons:

My future wife in the lead, my brother playing auxiliary everything in the pit, my best friend on percussion, Leonard Bernstein and Sondheim and my first season as a musical director.

Skyped in from Iowa

I spent the first part of my spring break on the road with my good friend Jonathan Hill performing a concert in the metropolis of Boone, Iowa.  As usual leaving town presents me with the problem of finding a suitable replacement for my 3 Sunday worship services.

100_3984 Danny and Allison filled in for me at the first, a student of mine covered the 11 o’clock service, but I was racking my brain to think of someone who could cover the contemporary service I lead every Sunday afternoon in Mansfield – and then it hit me – Wouldn’t it be cool if I could lead the music from the road – live via the internet.

And that’s just what I did!

Jonathan and I tested the quality out the week before and sound quality is actually pretty high on Skype.  Video may jump  little, but the audio is pretty good!  The range of frequencies is fairly rich – considering.

So after the meet and great at Boone, Iowa – I snuck off to the sanctuary of the church there and used their WiFi and my laptop to Skype in to the Mansfield worship service.  I sat through the opening set played by the musician’s Sheila was able to find to cover for me and then it was time for the special music and they put me up on the big screen and fed my audio through the board.

I sang the special music into a tiny web camera suction cupped to the grand piano and to my delight – applause erupted from my laptop.

It was one of the cooler things I’ve ever done with my laptop and I real treat.

Everyone said it worked really well.

Check out the video from my side.  (forgive me – I’m sight reading this piece from my laptop screen)