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Due to yesterday’s delay we missed our first evening performance.  However, that was a sold out concert with 1500 patrons so the presenter asked if we could do a 5:30 show and a 7:30 show tonight to accommodate those from the previous night.  There was some discussion about if the kids were up for 180 minutes of singing, but we decided we’d give it a try.  After a sound check we were ushered into a smaller theater and introduced to a local children’s choir and their parents.  Each of their children brought a unique gift to exchange with our boys to welcome them to their city.  I had not anticipated such a wonderful reception with such genuine warmth.  The boys were treated like honored guests and loved being the center of the attention.

When we arrived at the theater they showed me to my private, VIP dressing room.  I can certainly get used to this treatment.

A promotional post card sent out to patrons in Changsha

As we toured the space a Chinese man came up to me and handed me a stack of post cards.  On the postcard was an older picture of the TBC.  He pointed to a handsome boy in the picture and asked where he was.  I was overcome with pride as I realized that he was pointing to a picture of my son, Max.  I did not expect to have a proud parent moment on this trip since my son is no longer a part of the TBC, but I was completely overwhelmed with emotion as I thought of my son back in the US.  The theater mailed tons of these postcards out to their patrons and, according to this man, everyone wanted to see this specific boy when the TBC came.

Truth be told – I wanted to see that boy too.

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