Return of the Green Gulch

As we neared the head of the Lost mine trail we found ourselves rising in

Green Gulch showing a few medium sized trees.

elevation such that we noticed the emergence of bone fide trees in a field of ancient volcanoes referred to as the Green Gulch.  Trees were once abundant here until the miners virtually striped the landscape of them.  Then in the 1940’s, cattle overgrazed it down to a “desert scrub”.

I forgot what this is called. Natural Tailing maybe?

The last 60 years of protection has led to a slow development back towards thicker vegitation, but its still not what it once was.

Unfortunately we only had time to hike the first 15 minutes of the Lost mine trail, but on the way we saw a mule dear (big ole ears) and the sun was just peaking out over the basalt casting a golden hue on everything.

A Mule Deer

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