Gun Shots and Border Patrol

Santa Elaina Canyon

Santa Elaina canyon. Steep climb and then no problem. Took lots of pictures. Remembered hiking this way on a previous trip and putting my hand on a cactus. The little microscopic splines stuck with me for a long time and clearly left a lasting impression on me.

On the way back I picked up a small bolder and chunked it off towards the river.

The Rio Grande at Santa Elaina Canyon

It didn’t quite make it to the water and it smashed into the stoney riverbank with a sound that very much resembled a gun shot. It was a quite impressive sound. I made another unsuccessful attempt with a slightly smaller rock about the size of a softball which also made a shot like sound.  (Ashton can vouch for me)

About twenty minutes later as we were coming off the trail – we passed two uniformed border patrol carrying an AK47 and other scary looking weapons.

View from river level

Turns out our professor reported hearing gun shots from the canyon area and they were investigating.  A member of our group says he knows gun shots when he hears ’em. I say different, but either way – a pretty exciting day at the Santa Eliana canyon trail.

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