I signed a girl’s shirt

Today was day 2 of sightseeing in Beijing and we visited their Olympic park.  Americans tend to stand out quite a bit here and it’s not considered rude to stare – so we are beginning to get used to having all eyes on us as we travel.  The boys are adorable all by themselves and often parents will send their children to stand next to a boy so they can snap a picture.  One of the other chaperones on the trip is a 6’6” Canadian with a long beard – so he’s also a bit of a crowd favorite.  However, even I occasionally garner a ‘fan’ or two and today was no exception.  This time a young woman came up to me holding a pen out to me and said, “You sign my shirt please”  I wasn’t sure I understood, but she stretched the bottom of her shirt out in her other hand and it soon became clear that she really did want me to sign her shirt…  So I did.  Somewhere in China there is a young woman walking around in a shirt with my signature at the bottom of it.  I’m not sure who she thought I was, but it was flattering all the same.

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