In November, the North Side High School choir joined forces with the Dallas Women’s Chorus and as many of my singing friends as I could find to perform Howard Shore’s epic film score to the Lord of the Rings.  They played the movie on a giant screen behind us, but all the music was removed from the recordings and was instead performed live by my choir and the Dallas Pops orchestra. There were 3 sold out shows at Dallas’ Fair Park.  To make it even more special – My son Max was the boy soloist.

Three performances and over 16 hours of rehearsal with a guest conductor from New York and a full orchestra paid off.  Every night the audience gave the choir a standing ovation as they shouted and cheered for the musicians on stage.

The choir would like to thank principal Martinez for his support with this event.  Ms. Cooper, Ms. Carr and Ms. Aradondo were equally helpful pushing through paper work and setting up snacks for the trip.

Chaperons Mr. and Mrs. Six, Mr. Short, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Jain and Mr. Manzanarez, Ms. Gibbons, Mr.Poulson and Miss Pina made the trips to Dallas both fun and safe.

This was an incredible experience for the choir and we celebrate their success on stage in front of so many thousand people.  This was an absolute privilege to be a part of and it affected the lives of my students profoundly.  Singing in elvish is not for the weak!!!