Qingyan Ancient Town

IMG_2532After the exhibit hall we traveled out to the Qingyan Ancient Town to eat lunch.  Initially I sat a table with all Wesleyan students, but when then the guides didn’t have anywhere to assist us Americans with the meal so I got up to offer my seat to one of them.  This however, displaced me and I wasn’t sure where or if I was going to be able to eat.  Pretty quickly I was invited to join my favorite volunteers Yo Yo and Livia as well as the head of the Guiyang foreign affairs and several of her staff.  I went from a table full of Americans to a table where I was the only American.  As intimidating as it was, I must admit I loved being able to observe native Chinese people communing around a dinner table.  I had little idea what they were saying, but of course Yo Yo and Livia kept me somewhat up to speed.  Being the only American the pressure was on to try everything and eat a lot.  There was really only one dish that I refused.  It was a soup of sorts with unidentifiable contents.  I found out later that it was “rocky mountain oysters” which is an American euphemism for testicles.  YES – That’s what I said – testicles!      IMG_2536

Dessert was a bowl of some sort of porridge-like substance.  To be honest it looked like like snot with white powder floating in it, but I tried it.  Yo Yo said it was lotus root and rose.  Sure enough, it tasted like roses.  Not bad.  It made me think of my daughter Rose back home.

IMG_2575After lunch we started walking around the ancient town.  Austin tried his hand a bow and arrow game and did pretty well.  I bought three bracelets for my family and enjoyed walking through the ancient Chinese town.



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