River Shoes

Today we boarded a bus for some river rafting. When we arrived they served us a nice breakfast and then we took another bus with our rafts in tow to our river entrance.  All the way our guide, Diego, was pointing out interesting trees and houses.

558234_330861963672078_1644071470_nAfter a quick primer on river rafting we climbed down and into the rafts.  Our raft guide’s name was Mano and he enjoyed splashing us all with his paddle.  the water was cold and the river beautiful.  The splashes were shockingly cold, but we are soon soaked to the core anyway and it was cool and comfortable.  Along the way our guide would shout simple commands for us to row forward or back etc. as he steered from the back.  It was not long before one of us fell over backwards into the river.  We had been told that’s usually two people fall in.  We were not misinformed.
As we went along I felt my arms growing tired, but the thrill of the water and the imminent possibility of taking a swim made e whole trip exciting.  The day began sunny, but became cloudy as we went meaning we didn’t need to squint and weren’t baked by the sun.

Our guide was a bird lover and pointed out several species of birds including a tiger heron as well as many native plants and trees.  He often grabbed samples for us to smell.
The trip was full of class 3 rapids and almost nonstop laughter from our raft at least.  Mano was the perfect mix of reckless thrill seeker and fatherly Shepard.  The trip lasted the perfect amount of time and ended with a more peaceful stretch of river where we attempted to speak some Spanish with our guide.

A short bus ride took us back to where we ate breakfast where they had a delicious lunch of roasted chicken with rice and beans.  After the river adventures it was delicious.
After an arduous and much detoured 5 hour bus ride, we finally arrived back in Heredia and were dropped off close to our home.  We had been advised to get a cab since it was dark, but since we’re strapped for cash, we opted to walk with two of our friends who live close.  As it began to rain softly we looked around and realized we weren’t where we thought we were and since it was night we weren’t correctly oriented.  However the GPS on my iPhone in conjunction with the help of many friendly people on the street soon got us walking in the correct direction.  (Without an Internet connection, the map feature on the iPhone is much more vague)

Casa, dolce, Casa!

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