Suicide Shower

IMG_3942I am SO very excited to start sharing pictures of our trip, but the sun rises and sets at 6 so we landed in darkness.  I have every suspicion that tomorrow the sun will rise on a plethora of amazing images.  However, I have one that I must share.   Mary asked if I would be showering tonight or in the morning.  I said I might as well tonight which pleased her because she was more than a bit perplexed at the shower mechanism.  I guessed that this showerhead is similar to the on demand water heaters some people have back home; where the water is heated at the end of the line on demand rather than in a tank.  I admired the electrical wiring job and remembered that typically electricity and showering should be kept separate.  However, I gave it a go.  The water was ice cold so I reached up to try to adjust the settings.  I very quickly felt a familiar tingle surge down my outstretched arm.  YES!  Shocking!!!

A quick Google found a youtube of a guy explaining that Costa Rican’s often have no heat for their showers, but when they do have heat its usually one of these so called “suicide showerheads”.

Some more experimenting lead me to conclude that although electricity seems to flow to the showerhead, the heating element doesn’t seem to be functioning.  It’s shocking, but not heating.  Which I believe means we’ll be showering in aqua frio for two weeks.  Eyyye yie yieeeeee!  Pura vida!!!

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  1. Remember those from my first trip to Costa Rica! And got the same tingle only to have no hot water, anyway! Have fun! Costa Rica is one of my favorite places!

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