Rio de cocodrilo

My wife sips cool coconut milk straight from the source.

We got an early start to Manuel Antonio National Park and Beach near Guepa. The three hour bus trip was broken up perfectly. Our first stop was a little shop on the side of the road with cold coconut milk straight from the coconut. Then we walked across the highway bridge and saw about 20 American crocodiles in the Tárcoles river below.  They seemed to be waiting for one of us tourists to fall over the side. It’s amazing to see these in a zoo, but it’s quite something else to see them in their natural environment. Definitely not to be messed with. Janiva told us they can outrun humans in short bursts. That’s a lesson I don’t prefer to learn from experience.IMG_4444IMG_4441IMG_4459IMG_4462IMG_4467IMG_4474