Sold Out in Florida

Well, we got to bed at 4am and housekeeping rolled through the door at about 9:30, but it felt more like 5 am.  Turns out one of our girls ended up with mouse droppings between her sheets when she tried to lay down.  Several of the crew had no air-conditioning and slept in 80-90 degree tropical humid heat for 2 nights.  If you are ever in Fort Walton, Florida DON”T stay at the BEST INN.  (It just can’t be.)

We were given the option to either go to Target or eat at the crab shack next door at 1 pm.  Both seemed pretty necessary, but I opted for nourishment.  The hotel was sitting right on the dock of the bay and right next door was a wharf of a restaurant where they served some disappointing, but filling crab cakes.

After eating I went and slept for a while and watched a little TV.  We were told to be on the bus at 4pm to go to the theatre.  We all assumed there would be some sort of dinner arrangements.  (This would later turn out to be a mistake.)

As we circled all around the campus looking in vain for the theatre the boys noticed a pretty intense hissing sound coming from the front right wheel.  Something was leaking!

No time for that though, we pulled into the loading dock and joined the crew who had been working all day to get the set in.  The theatre turned out to be world class with union stage hands waiting to tend our every need.

We set up, did a sound check and it was pretty much time to start the show.
Sound had some problems with feedback early on, the show went pretty well and the 1400 seat theatre was sold out.  They seemed to really eat the show up.

Once the show was over we all pilled out on the loading dk and waited for the bus repairman to arrive to fix whatever the hissing was.  Of course now, for fun, the generator wasn’t starting either which meant no air-conditioning.

I had easten at 1pm and had nothing since and it was rapidly approaching 1 am.  There was talk of a beer run and some of us recommended that it might be a good idea to do a food run as well.

Subway seems to be everywhere and so we all put in orders for Subway which a gracious stage hand volunteered to shuttle us to obtain.
We got into the hotel about 1 and we all hit the sack pretty hard.