The Signing Ceremony

That day last October that we sang the national anthem for the signing ceremony in Fort Worth, we would never have thought that later in the year we would be standing on the other side of the planet singingGuiyang Choir in front of an official assembly in Guiyang.  This morning’s signing ceremony we sat across from the beautifully dressed chorus from Guiyang University.  Although we worked on singing the Chinese national anthem, we were very glad to find out that there would be a proper Chinese chorus to do that honor.   They sang it very strongly and proudly and then it was our turn.  We traveled thousands of miles and several days to sing this anthem and represent our country and we sang it very well with much expression.  It felt very good to sing this anthem in China.  More than that I thought it was a great honor to sing both anthems side by side showing that both China and the United states are at a point in their relationship where we could join together and celebrate a friendship of cities like this.

As quickly as the ceremony began, it was over and we were on to the people’s square…

choir anthem

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Planes, trains and automobiles

It has now been 36 hours since Dr. Fisher and I left the Wesleyan campus in search of Guiyang, China.  After a 13 and a half hour flight to Beijing from Chicago, we easily passed through customs and were delighted to arrive at the truly world class, Langham Place Hotel.  Langham Place Hotel LobbyAlthough we only had 3 hours to shower and sleep, the accommodations were terrific.

I was able to contact my wife and three kids for a brief, but sweet FaceTime (video chat) conversation.  It was fun telling my kids that I was literally on the other side of the world.

This morning several students took the opportunity to get to know some of our fellow delegates from Fort Worth whilst enjoying very tasty Danish treats provided by the Hotel.  Grabbing breakfast at the hotel the first morningThen we dashed to our bus to the airport for the third flight on our journey.  After spending an hour on the tarmac we departed about 2 hours late.  Hopefully this wont mess up our schedule to bad.  At this point we’re just about finished with the traveling required and all look very much forward to getting to know the people and places of Guiyang.   Wiley meets a feelow delegate.We are all very excited about our upcoming reception lunch, rehearsal at the Guiyang Grand Theatre and the much anticipated Banquet in our honor tonight thrown by the government of Guiyang.

Beijing Hotel 007 FuseBeijing Hotel 010Boarding the plane for Guiyang

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CD – Selections from The Great American Trailer Park Musical ON SALE NOW!

The Trailer Park Studio Cast

This brand new CD features 6 songs from the musical, plus 4 bonus tracks of songs written for the original New york production, but previously unrecorded.

Heatherton Lays One Down
Actress Heatherton Hardy Wilson

The creators of the musical, David Nehls and Betsy Kelso have granted permission for members of the Circle Theatre cast and band to record these 6 new songs and share them for the very first time.

Listen to samples below!

[mp3player config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=selections-from-the-great-american-trailer-park-musical.xml] Price includes shipping
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The Great American Trailer Park Musical – AUDITIONS

Fort Worth’s Circle Theatre is presenting The Great American Trailer Park Musical April 29th through May 29th. (Rehearsals will begin the week of April 5th)

Directed by Chris Robinson
Musical Directed by Hans Grim

The roles of Norbert and Duke are already cast (Jim Johnson and Andy Baldwin, respectively).

The 5 female singing roles are available for audition.

Auditions will be held by appointment only on Saturday Jan 23rd from 3:00pm – 6:00pm and on Sunday Jan 24th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Callbacks will be on Sunday Jan 31st beginning at 1:00pm.

Please call 817-877-3040 Monday-Friday between noon and 5:00pm to schedule your audition.

Actors may do cold readings of monologues or sides from the show. A prepared contemporary comic monologue of 1 to 2 minutes is strongly encouraged.

Please be prepared to sing a pop ballad and an uptempo rock or blues selection. Singing from the show is encouraged, but make sure you are comfortable with the song – we want to see you at your best. Bring music in your key for an accompanist.

Perusal copies of the script will be available at Circle Theatre and at S.T.A.G.E. (for members only).

Sides are available here and will also be posted on the Circle Theatre website.

Here are some excerpts of music from the score for Callbacks – (or your audition if you’re feeling brave)

Musical Excerpts

JEANNIE – an agoraphobic woman whose husband is having an affair with an exotic dancer, who is on the run from her gun-toting, glue-sniffing ex.
Flushed Down the Pipes- Music Side (Click for MUSIC PDF)
Flushed Down the Pipes – DEMO RECORDING
Flushed Down the Pipes – Jeanie (Piano Only)
But He’s Mine (end)- Music Side
Owner of My Heart – Music Side

PIPI – Stripper who steals Jeanne’s husband
But He’s Mine (Click for MUSIC PDF)
But He’s Mine – Pipi (DEMO)
But He’s Mine (Piano Only)
It’s Never Easy – Music Side

Betty – runs the leasing office – a self-proclaimed “bad-ass”
That’s Why I Love My Man (Click for MUSIC PDF)
That’s Why I Love My Man – Betty (AUDIO DEMO)
That’s Why I Love That Man – Betty (Piano Only)

Pickles – , aka Donna, is called “Pickles” because she is perpetually hysterically pregnant.
That’s Why I Love My Man (Clcik for MUSIC PDF)
That’s Why I Love My Man – Pickles (DEMO)
That’s Why I Love That Man – Pickles (Piano Only)

Lin – short for linoleum, because her mother gave birth to her on the kitchen floor
That’s Why I Love My Man (Click for MUSIC PDF)
That’s Why I Love My Man – Lin (DEMO)
That’s Why I Love That Man – Lin (Piano Only)

More Show Info


Click here for a little bit of the libretto which has a character synopsis.

And here’s a link to a page that has audio samples

If you have any questions, please use the comment form below to contact the musical director: