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Apr 09

Elisions Video – from my Senior Concert

All the pieces from my Senior Concert are available to stream via YouTube.  You can watch the entire concert or just a piece here – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2C42706E274F0890 or just hit play here:

Jan 22

Musical Elision

On March 6th, conductor Hans Grim and sixty plus talented friends and family will present choral works of Whitacre, Lauridsen, Elgar and more. The concert will also feature a jazz combo and solo piano performing works by Adam Guettel, William Joel and David Yazbek. The concert will take place at 7:30 in Texas Wesleyan University’s …

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Aug 01

Welcome Home

It’s been a very busy summer and my son Max had just arrived back in town from camp with his cousins. My mom brought him to church in the middle of the service and he came down front to where I was at the piano. He gave me a big hug and I invited him …

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Jan 13

Frozen Lake

  “Bulletin – calling all adventures! The search for the frozen lake will commence immediately. Please return to base.” My text to son Max retrieved him from a friends house immediately.  It has been freezing at night here for about a week and not much warmer in the day time, so I thought maybe just …

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Sep 05

3rd Trip to the Emergency Room

My youngest daughter Madeleine took her third trip to the emergency room today. I discovered Maddie being consoled in the arms of her mother and was the first to notice she was bleeding quite a bit from the back of her head. Apparently, she was riding her sister’s back and they slipped. Maddie hit the …

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Oct 01

The Meeting and Dark Travel

Day 2 was now over and sleep and food had been in short supply.  One thing that hadn’t been in short supply was whining, griping and complaining about communication and food and on and on.  Of course everyone has their own set of beefs with how things are being handled.  Most of the concerns are completely substantiated and …

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Sep 29

First Day Out – 19 hour Bus Ride

So farewells are flowing pretty freely as I had kissed both members of my family goodbye and just closed the door for the last time to my home of 5 years. However, no time for that – I’m late!