Princess Cactus

Stopped for lunch in the Rio Grande valley camp area

1:10 depart

The Hot springs heat source is 1500 feet below the ground heated by the earths core. The one we visited was commercially developed as a resort destination in the 1920’s.  On the way to the pool, Mrs. Valle explained that the 16 million year old Crutatious period outcropping we were walking past was of mostly limestone and some shale deposits.

a limestone and shale outcrop on the trail to the Hot Springs

Layer upon layer exposed by the erosive effects of the Rio Grande during a period of much higher river levels.

2:32 Saw volcanic peak that has been eroded away. We’ll hike that tomorrow.

Seeing a lot of pink cacti. My three year old daughter Rose would love it. I bet she’d call it princess cactus.  It makes me think of the strawberry cactus that blooms her in the spring.  I used to eat the fruit off of these when I visited as a kid.

Princess Cactus?

3:30 – our date with Ken Barnes was postponed when we arrived to find his gate locked and no one minding the store.

3:44 we went up the road to a ghost town/tourist trap called Triluingia which had an abandoned Cinnabar mine which had been capped by the railroad commission.

5:40 Steakhouse was closed (a pattern is emerging)

5:50 – Dinner at City Li hts (It’s possible it’s just missing a G, but it’s more charming this way)

6:50 – Departed very full for the McDonald observatory (take 2)