Preparing to leave home

I am about to embark on a nine-week national tour by bus and it was suggested to me that there might be a few people curious about what life is life on “the road.” Since I am about to have buckets of extra time on my hands I thought it would be fun to share a semi-daily journal entry with those that might be interested.  This is the first entry to get things started.

Just to set the stage here.  I am 29 years old, married to my wife Mary and father to my son Max.  I have worked as a musician since high-school and have enjoyed a steady increase in successes.

My current employer is the Aledo United Methodist Church.  I am their Director of Music and Fine Arts.  They have graciously granted me a sabatical (leave of absence) so that I may join the National tour of The 3 Redneck Tenors as their Musical Director.

Basically, I will be playing keyboards, leading the 5 piece band and maintaining high standards for the cast of the show on a tour of cities across the United States (mostly east coast).  We travel by bus built in the ’80’s, and once owned by Disney on Ice.

This show was just created so it’s really still being developed as we tour.  It has been exciting, and challenging to be part of such an ambitious project from almost the begining.  I hope to continue to report on the ongoing adventures of our little tour.  I hope it will be entertaining to some and that it will provide an outlet for me whilst away from my friends and family back home.