Cold Travels

Well all that snow seemed great last night, but the morning we woke to was just cold and no sign of white.  However, somewhere along the line the generator for the bus stopped working.  Usually that just means no power for our laptops or for watching movies.  However, now that temperatures dipped close to freezing heat became really important.  However, there was no time to fix the generator so we rode 5 hours on a near freezing bus to our next stop.  Brrrrrrrrr.Tonight’s performance was by far the very best of the tour.  Made even better because we caught it on video tape.  I can’t wait to see it.

Tawanda: the gateway to LaQeesha

Well after some sleep we gatherd again to rehearse and perform the show we hadn’t touched for 2 weeks.  I actually think the time away benefited us.  We came back with a fresh perspective on the show and played to an incredibly receptive audience in Tawanda, Pennsilvainia.

After the show we gathered in an old train depot across from the theatre for left-overs from a private reception the theatre had for contributors.  These left-overs were far better than the Trisha Yearwood leftovers we had in Joliet.

A special treat was the beautiful falling snow-flakes right after the show.  Us Texans don’t see a lot of snow, so it’s still very special when we do.

Being apart from these people highlighted to me how much I had grown accostumed to them all.  Now playing some of the last shows with them it is becoming more and more clear that I will miss them terribly. They have become a second family to me.  Taught me things about myself and others that I might never have learned. Everyone on the tour has issues (self-included) but it has been wonderful to get close enough to everyone to explore them a little bit.  I am enriched for the experience and will forever be different for it.

On the Road Again

The night before we left town for the second leg of the tour, Matt called to make sure I would be there at 7:30 sharp so we could leave at 8 sharp.  Mary told me not to hustle to much because we almost never leave on time.  However, I err’d on the side of caution and got theree right at 7:30am.  Apparently there was some delay with the truck we were taking on this leg of the tour and it might be a little while before we could leave…

8 hours later we were on our way to Pennsylvania on what turned out to be a 36 hour bus ride.  We pulled in to our motel at 5:30 am – 2 days after we left. Needless to say we were a little tired.