Take me to the volcano!

This morning our host mother served us breakfast and said about 300 hundred words to us in Spanish.  We managed to survive the volley of Spanish and were rewarded with fresh squeezed orange juice and scrambled eggs with ham and of course – beans and rice.  Rain was beating down on our little casa on the corner so she elected to drive us to school today.

On the agenda was a trip to Volcan Poas National Park.  Along the hour an a half drive we passed a man with a traditional Ox drawn cart Typical Oxen cart on the way to the Volcanoand several coffee fields.  When we arrived the rain subsided and we hiked to the crater in hopes of viewing an active volcano!  Alas – the cloud of this cloud forest obscured the view with a totally white blanket.  We then hiked up a trail to see the inactive volcano which was also completely obscured by cloud. 

Although one might judge a trip to a volcano that didn’t result in having seen a volcano as less than optimal, I had a tremendously good time.  The temperature must have been about 45 degrees and the hike was through lush forest on a paved trail.  We saw tons of colorful plants and several bird including some of the biggest humming birds I’ve ever seen. 

View from the bus on the road to the VolcanoAfter lunch with our two newest friends, we met in the auditorium for orientation.  The leaders at Sol Education are exceedingly friendly and accommodating and made an elaborate game out of what would normally been a boring lecture about rules.  Even though I don’t love group activities, this was an effective way to tackle a typically mundane presentation.  Sol Education’s Alexandria and Janiva do a wonderful job of fielding a thousand questions with grace and a smile.  There are several areas we are forbidden or recommended not to travel to which is a little scary, but with this short 2 week program there’s not much time for excursions anyway.IMG_3974

After  our orientation we climbed aboard the bus back for Heridia.  Along the way we stopped in for strawberry’s, cheese and strawberry juice and an hour or so in a humming bird garden.  There were tons of humming birds in various sizes and colors flying around a beautiful garden. 

When we arrived back at school our host parents picked us up and drove us home for dinner.  Chicken with Rice and Russian salad with beets.  It was delicious and filling and Mary and I retired to our room to journal.  We attempted to call my mother who is watching our three children and were able to hear about 50 percent of the conversation.  It sounds like they are having a great time.  It’s going to be a long time before we get to see them and we miss them very much.  Hopefully we will all be too busy to be overwhelmed by it.Mary enjoys complementary strawberries and juice.

Our host parents don’t seem to speak any English, so we often feel a bit overwhelmed.  However, we aren’t complete failures at communicating and to be fair – we haven’t actually had a class yet.  Humming birds abound at the humming bird garden.

First class – tomorrow afternoon!

Costa Rica's National catch phrase - Full of Life

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