Tour of the city

This morning we ate breakfast and our host mother walked us to the central park of Heredia.  The program director told us stories about the history of Costa Rica and specifically Heredia as we walked first through the second oldest church in Costa Rica Dr. Bell points out the plant growing out of the top of Costa Rica's 2nd oldest churchIMG_4074then to an old home from the 18th century, followed by el Fortin National Monument.  All the while she shared stories of the town.  Heredia is know as the city of flowers because the President of Costa Rica, Alfredo Gonzales Flores had four beautiful daughters…  His last name being Spanish for flowers.  This of course made me think of my two flowers at home, Madeleine and Rose.

Another story I enjoyed was in describing the el Fortin monument which was built in 1876 by a man appointed by the government who didn’t really have any training in architecture.  He made the gun slits open up wide to the outside instead of the wide part being inside.  This has the effect of funneling gun shots inward instead of making it difficult to shoot someone behind them.  Whoops!Mary strikes a pose

Me then proceeded to a market and were each given 500 colones and the name of a fruit we had never heard of.  Our mission was to go and buy 500 colones of our fruits and return.  At the market with my newest friend - KristiWe then took our fruits to a nearby café where they were washed and our guide introduced each one to us and sliced them up for us to sample with her guidance for methods.  This is a really amazing opportunity for someone who loves fruit and discovering new things.  We all tried everything, but I have always had an affinity to fruit, particularly unknown fruit so this was a difficult exercise for me.  I wasn’t willing to try the last one I’m afraid, but I did try several things I would never have thought were edible.  Although I’ll acknowledge they were amazing, I haven’t added any new fruits to my shopping list.  We also were served an iced coffee that was delicioso!!

The sun was shining down on us all day and the temperature never passed the mid-eighties.  Another beautiful day in Costa Rica.IMG_4095

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